Ireland’s Debt

Ireland is dissolving its government, and signing a huge bailout (not in that order).

For more information: NY  Times

How will this effect future tourism, like our Honors “Places You Should Go” classes?


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Teaching Modern Italy

I’m beginning to embark on generating a syllabus for my Honors Seminar next semester on Modern Italy.  Does anybody out there have some suggestions for history, media, books, films (besides Fellini!) to include in my class?

I’m considering Christopher Duggan’s Force of Destiny OR his Concise History of Italy….

what else would make for a good “study Italy from home” material?

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Foreign Aid DIY

I’ve been impressed with the number of students who do service-learning, but this takes it to a whole new level.  Actually starting your own NGO!  Very interesting….

Read more here:

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Sesame Street and Fair Use.  As we discuss Fair Use in Digital Intellectual Property, this example seems relevant (and funny).  We’ve said parody has been a part of “fair use” and I’m guessing that the class agrees that Sesame Street should be allowed to use this legally.

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Reaction to “The Letter”

On the Berkeley University Blog, Michael O’Hare writes an “open letter” to his students.  Which you can read here.

What is your reaction to this letter?  How much truth is in the letter?  Do you accept his premises?  Do you come to the same conclusion as he does?

Obviously, he is different demographically than “my typical UND student.”  [Not to imply that ANYONE is typical].  But do you share in his anger at his generation?  Or has it been framed another way for you?

I would love to read your reactions!!!

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Facebook & Freedom of Speech

This harkens back to the breast-feeding images on Facebook, and the discussion of “how much free speech is protected” by the First Amendment.

Facebook has a right to restrict content (think child porn), but do they have the right to censor images, political arguments, even heated discussion on something, as tricky, as legalization of an illegal substance?

Read this article:

And I’d love to hear your responses!  Pro-smoking images banned?  Information accessible on “both sides” of an issue???/

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NPR: Does the Patriot Act violate the First Amendment?

 this is a great discussion starter!!!!
from the article:

Does The Patriot Act Violate Free Speech?

by Nina Totenberg

February 23, 2010The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in a case that pits an individual’s right of free speech and association against a federal law aimed at combating terrorism. At issue is part of the Patriot Act that makes it a crime for an American citizen to engage in peaceful lawful activity on behalf of any group designated as a terrorist organization.

Federal law makes it a crime to provide material support to any organization designated as a terrorist group by the secretary of state. But the definition of material support includes not just providing weapons or money or bomb-making skills; it includes providing any sort of expert advice, training or personnel — including advice on how to resolve disputes peaceably or training on how to make human rights claims before the United Nations

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